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Have you published your first Amazon Echo skill? If you have you might have noticed the option to check the Metrics of the skill. If you have not played around in the Metrics section before you might be a little overwhelmed with all of the information. Today, I will go into the different parts of it and give a brief description of what is getting displayed!

First, let’s get there so we are all on the same page.

Getting There

Head over to your developer portal. There you should sign into your developer account. Once you are signed in click on Alexa at the menu bar.


Next, click on Alexa skills kit.


Find the skill you want to view the metrics for. Click Metrics.


This will take you to the Overview Page.


Here is what the overview page looks like:


There are three sections here. The first, Unique Customers, shows new customers that are using your skill. This allows you to see growth of users over the time period. You can see your total new customers for the day, the most you have gotten in one hour, and average unique users per hour.

The second section here is Sessions, this shows the amount of sessions a user has used with your skill over the time period specified. What is a session you ask? It starts when user invokes the skill, and ends either when the user ends it, it stops, or the skill is supposed to end programmatically.

The last section here is Utterances. This shows the amount of utterances a user has used to invoke the skill.

Let’s head over to the Customers Tab.


This is one of the more simpler tabs. It is a graph that shows you your unique customer over a time period specified by you.


Let’s move over the Sessions Tab.


This page has four different components.


The first, Total Sessions, displays the amount of sessions over the time period but broken down of whether the session exited from being successful, failed, or user did not respond.

The second section is Successful End Type Sessions. This gives the total amount of sessions that exited completely either by the user or by the skill.

The third section is Average Sessions per Customer. This will display the average amount of sessions by a user.

The fourth section is Percent of Total Sessions. This shows the percentage of sessions that were successful, failed or the user did not respond.

Time to move on over to the Utterances Section.


This section has three components.


The first part is Total Utterances. The entire amount of utterances said by users to invoke the skill.

The second part is Average Utterances. This displays the average amount of utterances that said per user and per session of using the skill.

The third part is Utterance Responses. This shows the amount of times a user responded or did not respond to an utterance.


This is the largest section with five parts.


The first section is titled Intents by Unique Customers. This shows the amount of unique users that used an intent, and it is broken down by intent.

The second section is Total Utterances per Intent. This shows the total amount of utterance used per intent.

The third section is Failed Utterances per Intent. This displays the total amount of utterances for their specific intent that failed.

The fourth section is Total Intents. This is the percentage of each intent used.

The fifth section is Failed Intents. This displays the percentage of failed intents from all failed utterances.


In conclusion you should check out the Metrics Page for your published skills. It can hold plenty of valuable information as to how you can improve your skill, or how your core users are using it. When you know they are using the skill that can allow you to add more pertinent functionality

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